We all hear a lot about jobs. Clearly there are a lot of State employees, but the state is not a major job creator. Small business is. ​​

I work for a small business and with small businesses, and I see every day the struggles they face to comply with government regulation. I have also been able to see the great opportunities that these companies offer as they grow. 

Even though it doesn’t always seem like a lot, take a look at your paycheck. There is FICA and Medicare and Unemployment Insurance. There is OSHA for job safety and Pinnacol for workmen’s comp. We certainly do not need to add to this list. 

To see great job opportunities grown, we need to make sure that we have an environment where new business can start without a lot of red tape. Where adding new employees does not look like a burden or put undue strain on a business. And we need entrepreneurs and corporations  and can see Colorado as place where they have a hard working, capable, and educated work force. We will all benefit from better paying, and diverse job opportunities.