Throughout our lives, we will all need to go to the doctor sooner or later. Unfortunately, we have made the process of going to the doctor a very complicated process. There have been many attempts to make it simpler, however, I think we can do better. 

I have heard good and bad opinions of the Affordable Care Act, and my wife and I have had to work through our own challenges with the health care exchange that Colorado put in place. We need to have legislators that are willing to sit down and see how our state affects the health care that our citizens get. We need to make it easier for our young healthy population to save money to cover their future health care expenses and to spend it how they see fit.

Ultimately we need to simplify the interaction between patient and doctor. I want everyone to have the best health care they can get without having a third party stick their head in the room and try to interject what they feel is the best course of action. We used to have a doctor that we trusted, who knew the whole picture and we were confident of that. We need to make that a reality again.