I Support Jobs and Safe Energy Development.
No on Proposition 112!

Husband, Father, Son, Neighbor
Candidate for House District 50

I am Michael Thuener, a husband, father, neighbor, friend, Army Veteran, UNC graduatre, and candidate for House District 50. A 25 year resident of Weld County, my wife Amanda and I have set our roots in this community to raise our three kids, Hattie, 4, Gretchen, 2, and Elam, 8 months.

Our government was designed to represent citizens and give them a voice. When we fail to recognize our foundation, the system fails, and the laws don’t serve the people. I will represent YOU and restore YOUR voice in our state Capitol. It's time we had a values driven candidate for HD50. For over a decade the representation of this District has been locked in party politics. 
I am ready to change that!

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Thank you to all who participated in our Listening Tour events!

We do not have any scheduled events at this time, however, I still want to hear from you! Please do not hesistate to call or email if you have any questions or concerns. 

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